Bowmonk BrakeCheck FLT (Forklift Truck) BOW801L

Part Number: EBM801L

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck FLT (Forklift Truck) resembles the Bowmonk BrakeCheck Brake Meter Tester and has the same functionalities but was designed along with a leading forklift manufacturer so that the vehicles slow speed and tilt during operation were taken into account.

  • Tests and records both the braking efficiency and the percentage of breaking imbalance. System tests both the Service Brake (Foot Brake) and Hand Brake.
  • All results are displayed on a LED display or downloaded onto a PC, alternatively a printed report can be issued using the wireless printer
  • Capable of storing up to 50 tests for each the Service Brake (Foot Brake) and Hand Brake on internal memory
  • The Bowmonk BrakeCheck FLT (Forklift Truck) is a great tool for aiding with LOLER/PUWER safety inspections

All units require a calibration by manufacturer every 2 years. The user will be prompted by a flashing LED 14 days before calibration is due. LED remains permanently lit from then on until calibration. Book your calibration here.

BrakeCheck FLT Datasheet (PDF)

Product Code is BOW801L

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