Tools & Equipment

Prosol carry a great range of vehicle repair tools and specialist equipment to keep your service workshop running smoothly, such as; Brake System service tools including Brake Fluid Test meters, digital and mechanical Brake Pad and Disc Wear Gauges and a range of Pressure Bleeders for brake and clutch hydraulic systems.

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Our range of Tyre bay essentials includes PCL Tyre Inflators with several options available, high quality retractable air line hose reels backed by a 2 year warranty and our Tyre Tread Width Gauge as approved by DVSA for identifying the central three quarters of tyre tread for excessive wear. We also supply a handy gauge for Tyre Repair Zone Limits which is a great visual explanation tool for customers. And to get the wheels on and off – Breaker Bars, Wheel Nut Spiders and Torque Wrenches.

A comprehensive range of lubrication oil and other fluid handling equipment is available including Waste Oil Collectors, Measuring Jugs, Hand Pumps and Oil Filter Removal Tools. Drum Storage Bunds and Spill Containment Kits ensure you keep legally compliant. And we also have a great selection of Ad Blue storage and dispensing solutions.

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Showing all 164 results