Bowmonk Brake Test Meter Kit – with Printer & Case

Part Number: EBM5004

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is a fully self-contained, portable, battery-powered brake meter to test and report on vehicle brake efficiency which it determines by measuring deceleration.

  • DVSA Approved for testing HGVs and PSVs.
  • Designed to be self-compensating, the instrument will indicate on the LED screen when it is positioned level enough to perform a brake test.
  • A generous tolerance ensures “level enough” is always easily achieved.
  • All operations are performed using only three buttons on the unit.
  • Stores only 1 Service Brake and 1 Hand Brake test into memory.

Approved by the DVSA as an MTS Connectable Device EINCBD01863A1019109

The Bowmonk Brake Meter KIT is supplied in a carry case which includes:-

Portable BrakeCheck, Infra-red Printer, Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger.

Step By Step Operation Guide (PDF)

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