Bowmonk BrakeCheck GEO Brake Tester BOW803G

Part Number: BOW803G

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck GEO Brake Tester BOW803G is another variant from the Bowmonk decelerometer range. This unit stores up to 99 tests, with the added capability of recording the brake test location.

An internal GPS receiver adds co-ordinates to the finishing point of the brake test.

The bright LED Screen displays the test results.

A wireless printer (available separately) produces hard copy reports.
Note: GPS fix must established by the device before the brake test is commenced.

Please be aware that the Bowmonk BrakeCheck GEO Brake Tester is not presently compatible with the CabCheckS software for transferring test results to a PC.

All Bowmonk brake testers require calibration every 2 years.

The user will be prompted by a flashing LED light 14 days before calibration is due. The LED remains permanently lit after 14 days until the unit is calibrated. Book your calibration here.

Product Code is BOW803G

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