Funnel Kit

SKU: CTO4531

8pc Oil Funnel and Adaptor Set.
Allows for fast oil filling without spillage. Great for many late model vehicles with internal baffles.
2 litre funnel with 6 adaptors to fit a wide range of vehicles.
Plus Offset Extension Tube with swivel feature for hard to reach places.


2 litre top-up funnel. 

Swivel Offset Extension Tube. 

Adaptor with bayonet fittings for:
Audi / BMW / Dodge / Mercedes / Porsche / Volvo / VW.

Adaptor with bayonet fitting for:
Toyota and Lexus with 3.0L and 3.3L V6engines.

M32 x 3.5 threaded adapter for:
Dodge / Honda / Acura / Nissan / Jaguar / Ford.

M35 x 4.0 threaded adapter for: Mazda 

M37 x 3.0 threaded adapter for: Toyota / Lexus / Scion Pontiac.

M42 x 4.5 threaded adapter for: Subaru

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