Fuel Retriever – Manual Pump – 75 Lt capacity

Part Number: MFR2090

British made Fuel Retriever with heavy duty 4:1 manual pump that can work both ways.  Suction one way – to remove contaminated fuel from a vehicle – and discharge – to empty into an approved storage tank or drum.

Contaminated fuel can be removed in three ways:

  1. Through the filler neck – On older vehicles without an anti-syphon device
  2. Direct from the fuel tank – By removing the fuel level sensor
  3. Via the fuel supply line or fuel rail – Using specially developed adaptors, which are supplied with the unit.


  • 75 litre capacity tank
  • 4 to 1 pump (reversible)
  • Flame arresting device
  • Non-spark wheels
  • Footbrake
  • Vapour recovery system
  • Quick release suction pipe coupling
  • Large & fine bore suction pipes
  • Set of connecting nozzles
  • Lockable operator valve
  • Level gauge

Spares Available:

  • Delivery Hose
  • Pump (minus hose)
  • Handle
  • Pump Gear Set
  • Replacement Hose
  • Earthing Straps
  • Replacement Wheels & Castors

Current delivery time c. 4 weeks

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