Drum Spill Pallets

Designed to comply with current legislation for the safe storage of 205 Lt. Oil and Chemical Drums. Manufactured from U.V., chemical and corrosion resistant Polyethylene.
Available in 1, 2, or 4 drum versions, all with a removable mesh to enable easy cleaning.
Tough, yet lightweight, the Drum Spill Bunds can be easily positioned by hand or forklift using the integral lifting points.

1 DRUM – Size: 100cm x 68cm x 60cm
Sump capacity: 230 litres
2 DRUM – Size: 130cm x 75cm x 44cm
Sump capacity: 250 litres
4 DRUM – Size: 138cm x 129cm x 48cm
Sump capacity: 485 litres

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