Battery and Alternator Tester

SKU: BAT4276

BRAND NEW TO THE MARKET – the next generation of electronic Battery and Alternator Tester. Utilising the very latest technology, this tester can check batteries in ANY condition, no need to fully charge the battery prior to testing.
Also reports Cranking Ability of the battery, Grounding Test result and Alternator charging capability.
Can test the latest battery systems, including EFB Stop/Start

Battery Testing
• Test wide range of batteries including EFB (STOP/START), AGM (GEL, Spiral, Flat Plate) and VRLA.
• Analyses the battery condition without the need to fully charge it before testing.
• Extremely safe – no sparks during clamp on.
• Less than eight seconds to obtain full results.

Starter Test
• Checks the cranking ability of the battery based on voltage profiles with results & recommendations displayed.

Grounding Test
• Analyses the condition of the electrical return circuit contacts resistance.

Alternator Test
• Checks alternator charging capabilities under load at 2,000 RPM and without load at 3,000 RPM with results and recommendations.


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