13 PIN Towbar Trailer Socket Tester – DVSA APPROVED for MOT Use

Part Number: TST1813

MOT TOWBAR TRAILER SOCKET TESTER for 7 PIN and 13 PIN Towing Socket Testing meets the DVSA (MOT) specification for 13 pin Trailer Socket Test Tools and can also be used with the 7/13 PIN adaptor supplied (towbar checker).

IMPORTANT Information 7/13 Pin Adaptor. Please Note some 7 pin vehicle trailer sockets may not be wired in a uniform way and it is possible that using the adaptor will prevent the socket tester working in the same way as the 13 pin socket.

Testing of 13 Pin Tow Bar Trailer Electric Sockets will be mandatory from 1st January 2012 for MOT Test Stations (classes: 3, 4, 5 & 7) and the socket tester must be on the DVSA list of approved equipment, (SEE DVSA SPECIAL NOTICE 1-2011).

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