What are dielectric boots?


Dielectric boots, often referred to as insulating boots, are boots that offer the wearer electrical protection to prevent electric current from being grounded.


Risk of electrical shock

If you are working in an environment where there is a risk of electrical shock from low, medium or high voltages, such as the MOT and servicing of electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs), dielectric boots represent an essential component of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) clothing. Anyone employed in this specific industry faces the potentially fatal hazard of electric currents and dielectric boots are highly effective for delivering protection from electrical hazards associated with EHVs.


Choosing the right dielectric boots for safe working

When choosing dielectric boots or insulating boots you must first understand the specific environment in which you will be working and then select the electrical class rating required for safe working in that particular environment.


Medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) dielectric boots will provide protection against a live electric shock source. There are also waterproof insulating boots with rubber soles that offer the wearer slip resistance in wet conditions for both AC and DC voltages.


Here at Prosol UK, your safety is our prime objective. Our electrically insulating dielectric safety over-boots are specifically designed to be worn over existing footwear worn by those working directly with EHVs. They give a high voltage (HV) protection of up to 20kV and are approved to current European standards. They also include a fuel and oil resistant vulcanized rubber sole which has up to 30% better grip than traditional safety boots.


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