Preventing unauthorised access in EHV workshops


No one can afford to take any risks in an electric and hybrid vehicle (EHV) workshop – this applies to technicians, workshop personnel and members of the public alike.


EHVs can deliver lethal voltages of up to 600V DC and when one is travelling at less than 20kph (12mph) it can barely be heard by the human ear. This poses the very real problem of the scenario of an EHV moving accidently during repair or maintenance and a technician not realising until it’s too late.


Here at Prosol UK we’ve carefully assessed and researched all of the possible risks that can arise and created a number of specialised ‘lock-out’ products designed to prevent unauthorised access in EHV workshops. Theses products include:


  1)  Isolation Port Lockout Device

Adjustable to suit a wide variety of EHV isolator sockets, the Isolation Port Lockout Device is also referred to as the Manual Service Disconnect (MSD) port. With an adjustable bar and cam action, the device can be locked off with a 6.5mm Insulated Safety Lockout Padlock to prevent unauthorised reinsertion of the isolator and restrict fingers touching any live terminals. The device may be small but we feel it is an essential piece of equipment to safeguard technicians working on EHVs.


  2)  Insulated Safety Lockout Padlocks

Used to secure the Isolation Port Lock Out Device, Insulated Safety Lockout Padlocks have a nylon body and hasp. This ensures that each padlock is fully insulated. Size: 38mm wide body and 40mm hasp height.


  3)  Lock Out Key Safe

Our Lock Out Key Safe enables the secure storage of vehicle keys, isolator (MSD) and lockout padlocks. The Safe is manufactured from pressed metal plate, dimensions are 20 x 16 x 7.5cm and it is supplied with two keys.