The EV Professional Standard: A Tangible Milestone for the EHV Industry


In a bid to ensure the safety of technicians working with the high voltages associated with electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs), back in February last year, industry experts attended an Electric Vehicle Advisory Group meeting, hosted by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to begin the process of agreeing minimum training standards sanctioned by the Government.


The meeting highlighted the requirement for technicians to be registered and the ongoing need to the IMI to closely collaborate with the Government with advice from the Health & Safety Executive. As a result, it was proposed that a set of ‘Electric Vehicle Professional Standards’ be agreed and legislated.


The Electric Vehicle Advisory Group, led by the IMI, has spent the last few months developing regulations and determining the key factors to be incorporated in the EV Professional Standard. These include specific EV qualifications, IMI accreditation, accredited training, professional behaviours and a commitment to a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) over a three-year cycle.


During a second meeting in the summer, delegates had the chance to discuss the various operational aspects demanded by the EV Professional Standard and shape the future of safety and best practice. They agreed specific components of the EV Professional Standard and again underlined the importance of industry and Government collaboration to ensure the efficacy of the standards.


Ensuring that staff are appropriately trained and qualified to work on EHVs is a big challenge for employers but one that is vital for guaranteeing health & safety for personnel, as well as the continued growth and success of the industry. As such, the creation of the EV Professional Standard is a tangible milestone for the entire EHV sector.