You could save up to £120.00 when you take advantage of our Brake Meter Upgrade Offer.  If you have an “Old Style” mechanical Tapley or Bowmonk Brake Test Meter and it’s due for calibration soon, maybe now is the time to get up to date. The Tapley Electronic Portable Brake Meter is DVSA approved for MOT Testing (classes 1, 2, 4 & 7) and is a simple to use battery operated unit, supplied with current calibration for up to 2 years.  With the increasing numbers of Electric and Hybrid vehicles now becoming due for MOT you will need your portable Brake Meter even more as many of these vehicles cannot be tested on the Roller Brake Tester.

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Brake Roller Gritting Kits

The “Procoat System” Brake Tester Roller Gritting Kits are the simplest-to-use and most durable kits on the market. Pre-measured packs of solvent-free adhesive produce an extremely tough and high strength coating which combined with our carbide grit gives a long lasting, high friction coating. The ultra-fast cure rate of the “Procoat System” ensures that your Roller Brake Tester is not out of action for long.

A variety of different size kits are available so you can choose whether to “patch repair” or completely refurbish all four rollers. The “Procoat System” can also be used to apply non-slip coatings onto stair treads, entrance thresholds and even vegetable rumblers.

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Autodata MOT Wallcharts 2019 – 5 PACK

The latest release of Autodata MOT Wallcharts are now available; MOT Warning Lamps, Catalyst Emission Data, Exhaust Emission Data, Diesel Engine Speeds and Brake Testing Weights, supplied together as a pack of five charts. Also available are the Service Wallcharts for 2019 covering Front Wheel Tracking and Tyre Pressures, these are supplied as a two-pack of charts.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual wallcharts are no longer available due to a change in Autodata’s publishing policy.

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