Thermal Imaging Camera with Recording Facility

Part Number: TIC4874

The Prosol TIC4874 Thermal Imaging Camera is a powerful diagnostic tool for all workshops.
Quickly and easily highlights hot (and cold) components with a thermal heat map blended with the component image for exact location of any problems.

An essential tool for diagnosing “Hot Spots” on:

    • Wheel Bearings
    • Exhaust Manifolds
    • Brake Systems
    • EHV Battery Systems.

Can also be used to identify (cold) Air Con system leaks.
Measure temperatures ranging between -20 to +400 deg. C (accurate to 2 deg.C).

Images can be recorded on the micro SD memory card or can be viewed on a smartphone or PC via an USB interface.

  • 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Supplied with USB cable and carrying case
  • CE & RoHS compliant
  • 240 x 320 pixels imager
  • 2.2″ color TFT LCD display

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