Floor Standing Convex Mirrors

New and improved Floor standing viewing mirrors ideal for MOT garages and ATL where it is not possible to mount a mirror on a wall.

Very useful when testing vans where the testers vision of a mounted mirror may be obscured.

These versatile & rugged workshop floor standing mirrors offer a practical, flexible way of making work safer and easier. Shelving, light positioning and windows often can make the wall an unsuitable or unsafe place to install a mirror. The varied nature of work can mean the location might be unsuitable or inappropriate for the addition of a large, fixed safety mirror. Equally, when working on large jobs it may be necessary to shift locations & perspectives- times when rather than relocating your entire project it would be easier to use a portable mirror. These tough convex floor mirrors can be easily moved away from the work space for storage when not in use, making them perfect for small and mobile workshops. This flexibility is expounded by their durability and hard-wearing construction, providing a long-term solution to improving your safety and efficiency at work.

Available in 2 sizes: 450mm or 600mm
Height and angle adjustable. Easily positioned anywhere in the workshop.
Both sizes are supplied with a Heavy Duty Tripod stand. (Also available to buy separately – 4250TFS)

450mm Mirror:
Max Height – 1300mm

600mm Mirror:
Max Height – 1450mm

Prosol stocks a broad range of round & rectangular convex safety mirrors, perfect for enhancing safety & security in or around your premises. Our range of mirrors can be found here.

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