Extra Cool R134a PAG Oil ISO 46 – 250ml Bottle

Part Number: XC-PAG46

Extra Cool R134a PAG Oil ISO 46 – 250ml Bottle

Fully synthetic refrigeration lubricant.
ExtraCool R134a PAGs are mono end capped grades of Polyalkylene Glycol automotive A/C refrigerant oil. They are formulated with optimal additives for air conditioning compressors with the addition of the ICE32 performance enhancer.

ExtraCool PAG46 is a low viscosity lubricant designed specifically for use with R-134a refrigerant. They have excellent miscibility in R-134a and higher lubricity over standard PAGs. PAG46 is for use in R134a compressors needing a lubricant viscosity of 45-60 cSt at 40⁰C.

ExtraCool PAGs are a step up from standard PAGs. They are recommended for improving A/C cooling performance especially on older vehicles.

The special additive pack helps to remove gummy deposits that build up over the years, and forms a slippery thin-film boundary layer to accelerate refrigerant flow, give better oil return and more efficient heat exchange. ExtraCool PAGs also contain elastomer conditioners to stop and prevent leaks in o-rings, seals and hoses.

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