EHV Multimeter with Insulation Test – CAT III to 1,000VDC

Part Number: MIT4094

The EHV Multimeter and Insulation Tester is a true RMS multi-meter designed for testing and checking components on electric and hybrid vehicles through the continuity test and diode test.

The multimeter function is combined with an inbuilt Insulation Test facility making it ideal for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance. The Insulation test function operates at the following test voltages: 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v and 1000v.

The EHV Multimeter and Insulation Tester is supplied with all test leads and clips, temperature probe, manual and batteries.

Complies with EN61010 CATEGORY III (1000v) and CATEGORY IV (600v)


Please be aware of risks whenever working with EHVs, for more information please click here.

To find out more about Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Workshop Safety products offered here at Prosol UK please click here.

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