Pyramid Sign – Do Not Enter The Workshop

Part Number: WNE7520

This Pyramid Sign gives clear instruction to visitors not to enter your workshop unless invited.

Incorporates 2 eyelets so that Barrier Chain can be clipped to it (Barrier Chain and Wall Hooks available separately) and then to either side of the entrance.

Creates a highly visible warning and a physical barrier if deployed with plastic chain.

Manufactured from durable Polypropylene, the base can be filled with sand or water to improve stability.

Also available with an alternative message, to prevent people interrupting MOT Tests – Part Number: DNI7590

If you already have a “Do Not Interrupt The Tester” pyramid sign (Part No: DNI7590) we can supply the “Do Not Enter The Workshop” graphic as a self-adhesive sticker for you to apply to the reverse side.

Height: 1160mm
Width: 370mm
Weight: Empty 2.2kg – Full 7.7kg

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S/A Graphic for Pyramid Sign – Do Not Enter The Workshop