Brake Roller Gritting Kits

Get your tired old rollers looking like new with our cost effective solution for repairing your existing brake tester rollers.
The PROCOAT SYSTEM is easily applied in a day to give a result that lasts for years.

No messing trying to get the mixing ratio right, with our pre-measured packs. Virtually odourless and very fast curing with the “Solvent Free” ProCoat System.

Supplied with pre-measured packs of two-part resin, application brushes, grit, protective gloves and comprehensive step by step instructions.

Available in the following kits and contains enough material to re-coat:
PATCH REPAIR Class 4 – One Class 4 roller
PATCH REPAIR Class 7 – One Class 7 roller
PATCH REPAIR Class 5 – One Class 5 Roller

FULL REFURB Class 4 – All Four Class 4 rollers
FULL REFURB Class 7 – All Four Class 7 rollers
FULL REFURB COMMERCIAL – All Four Commercial rollers

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