Air-Con Lubricant Oil MRL85 (POE) – Fully Synthetic – 250ml Bottle

Part Number: MRL-85

The fully synthetic Air-Con Lubricant Oil MRL85 is a POE (Polyol Ester) based lubricant specifically designed for R1234yf, R134a and Hybrid/EV systems.  Chemically engineered with additives to ensure good miscibility with all vehicle Air-Con system refrigerants.  POE oil is specified by some vehicle manufacturers for R1234yf, R134a and Hybrid/EV air-con systems with electric compressors.

MRL-85 (POE) has been designed to effectively lubricate the moving parts of the refrigerant compressor and to help dissipate heat.  It also helps to seal the compression chambers and valves, whilst keeping seals and flexible pipes in good condition.

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