Air-Con Leak Detection Kit – using Nitrogen Gas Cylinders

Part Number: NLT2000

Designed for detecting and locating leaks in automotive air conditioning systems using pressurised Nitrogen gas.
Top quality British made regulators with Swedish manufactured hose. Supplied with R134a and R1234yf low side couplers.
Gas bottle gauges supplied with fitting for BOC nitrogen cylinders or disposable NitroTrace canisters – (NitroTrace contains enough gas for up to 12 leak tests).

SAVING 10% versus buying Air-Con Gauge Set for BOC Cylinders, Nitrogen Gas Bottle Trolley and Leak Detection Spray individually

(ACG2092 + NBT2212 + GLD5000 x1)

Individual Components:
BPR2092 – Single Stage, 2 Gauge Pressure Regulator with relief valve
LDH2301 – Flexible ¼ inch SAE Charge line – 60 BAR (870 PSI)
LDG2094 – Low Pressure Gauge with hose fittings and ball valve
VCA2026 – R134a low-side Valve Coupler
VCF2022 – R1234yf low-side Valve Coupler
NBT2212 – Trolley for Nitrogen Gas Bottle size X or N
GLD5000 – Gas Leak Detection Spray

Please Note: This product is not available on a Next Day Service, due to the size this is a 48hr service only.

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