Air-Con HFO-PAG46e Lubricant Oil – 250ml Bottle

Part Number: HFO-PAG46

Air-Con HFO-PAG46e Lubricant Oil – 250ml Bottle.

PAG lubricant oil is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers for use in R1234yf and R134a air-con refrigerant systems.  The HFO-PAGe lubricant oils are compatible with both types of vehicle air-con refrigerant systems.

The new formula Snow Leopard HFO-PAG46e and HFO-PAG100e are now fully compatible with electric compressors found in Hybrid and plug-in Electric vehicles.

The HFO-PAGe range have been engineered to absorb far less moisture and provide improved lubrication properties over standard PAG oils.  Compressor life is also enhanced due to improved viscosity stability, even at high temperatures.
Snow Leopard HFO-PAGs can be considered as a genuine ‘one type fits all’ solution and eliminates the risk of using the wrong oil.

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