What are Electrical Insulating Safety Gloves?


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a vital safety precaution for anyone working on electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs) and electrical insulating safety gloves form a key component of this equipment.



Electrical hazards


In order to safely carry out work on all types of EHVs, technicians must protect themselves from the potential electrical hazards associated, including electrical shock. The voltages present in EHVs are far higher than those in traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. They can currently deliver up to 650 Volts DC compared with 12/24 Volts DC.


Electrical insulating safety gloves represent the first line of defence when working with or near energised, high-voltage components and vehicle batteries. EHV manufacturers recommend that they are worn to provide sufficient protection from specific shock hazard posed.



Protection up to 1,000 Volts


Our Class 0 electrical insulating safety gloves offer protection up to 1,000 Volts, the mandatory requirement for technicians working on EHVs. They are compliant with EN60903/IEC 60903:2002 standards and are designed to be worn with our leather over-gloves (Prosol part number: LOG6910). This particular combination will protect against mechanical damage and electrical arcing.



What size electrical insulating safety gloves do I need?


To find out your glove size simply measure around your dominant hand across the palm just below your knuckles and take the closest measurement from the following list:

MEDIUM (size 9) = 23cm

LARGE (size 10) = 25cm

EXTRA LARGE (size 11) = 28cm


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