Honda speeds up switch to electric and hybrid vehicles


Honda’s announcement late last year that it will only sell electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs) in Europe from 2022, three years earlier than it had previously planned, will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of EHVs here in the UK.


The Japanese car manufacturer is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to EHV technology and development and it has cited recent changes in regulation and consumer behaviour as reasons behind the decision to speed up the switch.


“This is great news for EHV workshops and garages,” comments Andy Coulton, managing director here at Prosol UK. “More EHVs on the road, means more job opportunities and investment in the motor industry as a whole and that’s good for business growth throughout the sector.”


Continues Andy: “Honda has also stated that it will launch six brand new models in the next three years to enable it to reach its ‘switching to EHVs goal’. A new hybrid version of the hugely popular Jazz will be the first of these latest models and will go on sale in 2020.


“No one wants to get left behind in the race to produce the cleanest, greenest and best performing EHV, so I think we can expect to see even more brands accelerating their R&D. Indeed, Volkswagen are planning to launch 70 new electric models by 2028 and Hyundai are investing $35 billion into electric and autonomous driving over the next five years.”