Green number plates


Could number plates ‘go green’?


Electric and hybrid vehicles (EHVs) could soon be fitted with green number plates following a consultation by the Department for Transport as part of the Government’s aim of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.


The Government consultation has also looked at which electric, hybrid and low-emission vehicles might qualify for the new plate and three designs have already been drawn up with feedback invited from the general public: one is a completely green plate, one has a green stripe on the left-hand side of the plate and the third a green dot.


Energy-saving privileges

Any energy-saving vehicle that gets a green number plate would benefit from specific privileges, including the opportunity to use bus lanes and cheaper parking tariffs than traditional petrol and diesel cars.


Local councils will be encouraged to offer incentives for EHV owners in a bid to persuade more and more people to select an electric, hybrid or low-emission vehicle. Indeed, in Nottingham, the city council has introduced a scheme that provides all electric vehicles with a green sticker enabling them to be driven in a bus lane thus avoiding city centre congestion.


Why are number plates white and yellow?

Any vehicle registered in the UK and manufactured on or after 1st January 1973 must display a white number plate on the front and a yellow number plate on the rear. Each plate must feature only black characters and must be made from reflective material. If you drive with incorrect plates you could face a fine of up to £1,000 and your car will, most likely, fail its MOT.


The reason for having two different number plate colours is, actually, very simple. It enables other drivers and the police & emergency services to tell which is the front or back of a vehicle. White and yellow were selected because they offer a significant colour contrast with the black registration lettering.


What do you think of the suggestion? Would you like to see all electric and hybrid vehicles made more easily identifiable with a green number plate?