Don’t get caught out with your next MOT


According to data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), following the introduction of stricter rules 18 months ago, a third of vehicles have failed their MOT tests. That’s a 37 percent increase in failures compared to 2017 figures.


Introduced in May 2018, the new rules now categorise defaults as either minor, major or dangerous. If a vehicle is found to have either a ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’ fault, it will automatically fail the MOT test.


Comments Andy Coulton, managing director of Prosol UK: “We knew when the rules became tougher last year that more drivers would be caught out and their vehicles would fail the MOT.


“For example, if your vehicle’s dashboard displays any lit warning light whatsoever, it will result in failure. So, if your screen wash is empty, your vehicle will not pass. It’s as straightforward as that.”


Continues Andy: “The DVSA also clamped down further on worn tyres and brakes to hammer home the potentially serious implications of driving a vehicle that features either of these faults. After all, a car’s tyres are its only connection to the road and if the depth is below the required average, the ultimate consequence could be a fatal accident for both the driver, other road users and pedestrians.


“Road safety is of paramount importance – that’s just one reason why the MOT is a legal requirement – and just a few simple checks before taking your vehicle for its MOT can save both time and money.


“For example, 30 percent of MOT failures were recorded for lights, 17 percent for brakes and 10 percent for tyres. Every motorist should be in a position to be able to check all three of these items very quickly and resolve any problems before the car is tested. As a guide, when it comes to tyres, the legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm but experts recommend that tyres are replaced when they reach 3mm tread depth.”


Concludes Andy: “We should all check our vehicle every time we want to drive it, irrespective of whether we’re taking it for an MOT or not. Regular, professional vehicle maintenance is the key to safe motoring so make sure you have the services of a reputable, local garage on hand whenever you need one. And don’t forget to top up your screen wash!”