Vehicle Isolation Covers

Part Number: N/A

Professional non-scratch car cover, manufactured from a waterproof dual-layer composite material that is breathable allowing condensation to evaporate.
Suitable for interior or exterior use to isolate a vehicle from potentially damaging workshop and environmental contaminants.
This is extremely important protection for damaged or non-functioning Electric or Hybrid vehicles as it prevents metallic or conductive dust from causing short circuits.
Incorporates a side opening zip to enable access when covered.
Easy to fit with elasticated corners that stretch round the vehicle bumpers.

Three sizes are available:

Part No: CIC8538 – SMALL
SIZE: 3800 x 1540 x 1190mm

Part No: CIC8545 – LARGE
SIZE: 4300 x 1690 x 1220mm

Part No: CIC8556 –  X LARGE
SIZE: 4830 x 1780 x 1220mm



Small, Extra Large, Large

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