Safe – UNDER-FLOOR – £10K rated

Part Number: USD4510

Under-floor Night Safe – 10K rated
12″ x 12″ x 12″ ABP Square door under-floor safe

  • Suggested insurance rating: £10,000 cash cover or £100,000 jewellery cover.
  • Door Specification: 15mm top plate with 2 x hardened dowels, 4 x 5mm hardened ball bearings, 14 x 3mm hardened ball bearings then 2mm thick copper plate ABP.
  • 15mm middle plate with 2 x hardened dowels and 14 x 3mm hardened ball bearings all to protect moving parts and lock.
  • 15mm bottom plate with 10mm diameter stainless steel front live AED moving bolt, 10mm diameter stainless steel dead AED back bolt, 6mm thick hardened back plate under a VDS class 2 Mauer double bitted lock.
  • Safe must be fitted into concrete and be installed by a competent person.
  • The safe must be placed into a membrane or black bin bag.

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