Convex Mirror for Traffic Blind Spots

Part Number: SEM4560

Manufactured from Stainless Steel throughout (including the viewing lens) with an integral reflective warning strip surround, this round traffic blind spot mirror has superb optical properties. It provides a long term solution to poor visibility in all environments, enhancing safety & security and reducing risk to staff & the public. It’s solid round design & steel construction guarantee a long working life & continued safety in all environments, while the stainless steel construction extends life & eliminates the risk of rust or deterioration, while ensuring ease of maintenance & cleaning.

Designed to be used for outdoor areas where there is a risk of accidental collisions, such as; car park entrances and exits, road junctions & sharp bends. This mirror is rugged & solidly constructed from tough materials, it is engineered to provide excellent durability both from extreme weather conditions and the possibility of impact or vandalism. Its steel construction provides a long useful life & high visibility maximises benefit to road users & pedestrians.

The construction of these mirrors means they will outlast most other materials making them a cost effective solution for all applications.

• Wide round convex safety mirror for blind spot elimination.

• 600mm Diameter

• Will fit posts with approx. a 75-77mm diameter

Prosol stocks a broad range of indoor and outdoor, round & rectangular convex safety mirrors, perfect for enhancing safety & security in or around your premises. Our range of mirrors can be found here.

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