Tapley Electronic Decelerometer MTS Connectable – TRADE IN OFFER

Part Number: TED5020C-TI


Trade In your existing Decelerometer (portable brake testing meter), mechanical or electronic and future-proof your business with the new MTS Connectable Tapley Electronic Decelerometer.

It doesn’t matter which brand you currently own, we’ll accept any complete working unit from: Turnkey G-Meter, AutoTest, Tapley or Bowmonk.

If your existing decelerometer is due for calibration in the next few months this deal could save you over £200.00.
(This is based on some manufacturers charging £144 + VAT for calibration which when added to the trade-in allowance of £80 adds up to £224).
Our calibration cost for the Tapley Electronic Decelerometer MTS Connectable is just £69.00 + VAT, although you won’t need this service
for 2 years.

We have significant but limited stock for this offer…… First Come – First Served.

Our courier service will deliver your new MTS Connectable Tapley Electronic Decelerometer.
(IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your Trade-in Brake Meter is boxed / packaged, you will receive a return label to attach to your box and take to any Royal Mail Post Office.)

The new MTS Connectable Tapley Electronic Decelerometer is DVSA approved (Tapley EBM ref:EINCBD09863-1019110–) for all classes.

A must have for most 4×4 vehicles that can’t be tested on a Roller Brake Tester the Tapley Electronic Brake Meter is lightweight and easy to use.

Service and Hand Brake efficiency can easily be seen on the bright LED display.

To upload the test results to the DVSA’s MTS Connected Network simply connect to your PC with a USB cable and follow the prompts.

The Tapley EBM is also approved for Motorcycles & Quads (Class I & II), when used in conjunction with the DVSA approved Handle Bar Bracket & Clamp. (BMB5020)

The Tapley Electronic Decelerometer is available exclusively from Prosol U.K.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you currently own a Tapley Electronic Brake Meter (Part No. ETM5070) we can upgrade it to be a compliant MTS Connectable device, click here for further details.

If you want the added functionality of being able to print out test results and check for brake imbalance then you need the Bowmonk BrakeCheck.

This is also DVSA approved for all classes of MOT Testing and as an MTS Connectable device (Approval No. EINCBD01863-1019109–).

Prosol supply the complete range of Bowmonk BrakeCheck Decelerometers including variants for periodic testing of HGV and Quarry Vehicles.

Manual and Approval Certificate are on the USB Key supplied along with the software.


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