Recovery Operator Safety Kit – Electric Vehicles

Part Number: ROK7621

Our Recovery Operator Safety Kit gives you the relevant products you need to protect yourself and employees on a call out. Supplied in a convenient high vis’ holdall with everything you need to ensure safe working procedures as recommended by IMI training and H.S.E. standards.

Contains the following:
1. EAF8532 – Face Shield with Electric Arc Visor + Storage Bag
2. SGK6955 – Electrical Safety Glove Kit
• Cotton Under Gloves x 12 pairs
• Electrical Gloves – Insulating to 1,000V Class 0 – Large
• Leather Over-Gloves – Large
3. NVP4025 – Electric Voltage Tester
4. BTS6340 – Insulating Shrouds for 12volt battery earth cable x 10
5. FHS7533 – 12V Battery Disconnect Spanners – 3pc – 10, 11, 12mm – Flex Head Combi’
6. BFA8602 – First Aid Kit for Burns including H-F Gel
7. EWP3233 – EV Warning & Prohibition Sign 400 x 300mm – 3 PACK
8. DMO2017L – Electrically Insulating Dielectric Safety Over-Boots
9. HBT3500 – Hazard Warning PVC Barrier Tape 70mm(W) x 500metres (L)
10. HHV8527 – Holdall – High Visibility

As well as the Safety Kit you will also need a Vehicle Quarantine Area if you have a storage compound for recovered vehicles.  It is important that EV’s are clearly identified and isolated during storage, see the following products:

Damaged Electric Vehicle Quarantine Area Sign – EVQ7264
Vehicle Isolation Covers
Battery Spill Containment Tray – 60 Litres – SCT2020

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