Hydragas / Hydrolastic Suspension Low Loss Connector Valve

Part Number: LLC4690

This Low Loss Connector valve is fitted to many Hydragas / Hydrolastic Suspension service pumps manufactured by; Liquid Levers, Alba Diagnostics, Churchill and others.

Designed to prevent fluid loss and create a high pressure tight seal when connecting the Hydrolastic / Hydragas service pump to recharge the suspension system as found on Austin, Morris, British Leyland, British Motor Corporation (BMC) and MG Rover cars, some of which are listed below:

Austin Ambassador
Austin Allegro 1500, 1750 and Vanden Plas
Austin Maxi
Austin Morris 1100, 1300 and 1800
Austin Princess
MG Metro
MG 1100 and 1300
Morris Mini
Riley Elf
Riley Kestrel 1300 and Vanden Plas
Rover Metro 100
Rover MGF
Wolseley 1300
Wolseley 18-22
Wolseley 18, 85 and Six
Wolseley Hornet

Our Low Loss Connector can also be used on some low pressure diesel injection fuel systems where priming is required after service work.
For example; when changing the fuel filter on the Ford Mondeo Mk4, attach the Low Loss Connector to the Schrader valve coupling on the fuel rail and use the flexible end hose found on a standard hand operated fluid extractor, (normally used for suction of engine oil through the dipstick aperture) and the vacuum will draw diesel back up to the fuel rail.

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