Convex Safety/Security Mirror – FULL DOME

Part Number: DCM4600

Full Dome Convex Mirror.

This overhead convex safety mirror gives you a clear, broad overview of your work space, providing security & safety. The wide aspect provided by the specially designed surface offers a bird’s eye perspective that allows you to view over obstacles and barriers in the workspace that may otherwise prevent staff from seeing hazards.

Suitable for a wide range of premises, this large & durable overhead blind spot mirror can help improve safety and prevent accidents.

360° View full dome convex mirror, recommended for 4 way intersections or large area panoramic viewing. Fix directly to the ceiling by using screws through pre-drilled holes in dome flange.

• View unguarded aisles.

• Eliminate blind junctions.

• Monitor production areas.

• Safeguard entrances and exits.

• Shoplifting deterrent in retail shops.

Size:../convex-mirrors_s1 600mm

Prosol stocks a broad range of indoor and outdoor, round & rectangular convex safety mirrors, perfect for enhancing safety & security in or around your premises. Our range of mirrors can be found here.

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