Electronic Tapley Meter – Part Ex Upgrade Offer

Part Number: ETMPEUO

Have you still got an old mechanical Tapley or
Bowmonk Brake Meter?

Is it due for calibration soon?
If so it will cost £70.00 + VAT to calibrate!

Why not take advantage of Prosol’s Part Ex’ Upgrade Offer?
We’ll give you a £50.00 “Trade In” for your old Tapley or Bowmonk Brake Meter, (working or not) when you purchase the latest Electronic Tapley Brake Meter, with up to date calibration.

Save up to £120.00 when you take advantage of our Brake Meter Upgrade Offer (£120.00 saving is based on £50 trade in plus cost of calibration at £70.00)

Simply place your order ONLINE
When you have received your Electronic Tapley Meter,
please return your METER HEAD ONLY to:
Prosol UK Sales & Distribution, 14-16 Gleadless Road, Sheffield S2 3AB
(Please quote your web reference number)

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