Danger Explosive Atmosphere

Part Number: W14

Warning instruction sign “Danger Explosive Atmosphere”

Sign produced in 3 materials.

Choose from Self-adhesive Vinyl Stickers and Rigid 3mm Plastic suitable for Interior use or 3mm Aluminium Composite Panel for Exterior use.

200 x 300mm
300 x 400mm

Codes for this product: W14V, W14R, W14A, W14V-L, W14R-L, W14A-L

You need this sign by LAW!

Where there is a possibility of flammable vapours i.e. petrol fumes or cleaning solvent accumulating in the workshop.
This sign must be displayed on your entry door.

Sign Material

Self Adhesive Vinyl, 3mm Rigid Plastic, 3mm Aluminium Composite

Sign Size

200 x 300mm, 300 x 400mm

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