Bowmonk Tint Testa, Vehicle Tint Tester

Part Number: WTT5250

The Bowmonk Tint Testa is a photo optic instrument used to measure quickly, simply & accurately, visible light transmission (VLT) through any type of glass or film.

The Tint Testa provides a measurement of the amount of VLT passing between the transmitter and the receiver.
This measurement is expressed as a percentage. The test results can be viewed on the units display screen, or alternatively, information can be transmitted by infra-red, to a portable printer. (uses the same printer as the BrakeCheck)

• Instruction for use on front decal
• Very easy to use
• Uses 4 standard AAA alkaline batteries
• Two operation buttons
• Accuracy better than 2%
• Compensates for different types of glass

To acquire a reading simply line up the emitter and receiver on opposite ends of the test material, hit the ”Enter” button, the device will then emit a light beam and the receiver will determine the percentage of light transmission that has occurred (%), displaying it on the front of the device. Alternatively a printed report can be produced using the Bowmonk Infrared Printer (sold separately).

Mandatory calibration for use on UK market is required every 12 months or 2500 tests. A warning LED will commence flashing 14 days before a calibration is due, remaining lit until calibration is performed. The same will occur if the limit of 2500 tests is exceeded.

Light Beam emitted has a nominal colour temperature of 2856°K (complies with CIE 1931)

Bowmonk Tint Testa Datasheet (PDF)

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