Bowmonk Electronic Portable Brake Test Meter

Part Number: EBM5000

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is a self-contained portable unit, which is used to determine your vehicles braking performance. Approved for MOT use this unit can also be used for 4×4, HGV and bus & coach brake testing. The BrakeCheck will also measure service and hand brake efficiency and can even detect brake imbalance.

The unit has a bright LED display, infra-red print facility, rechargeable battery and is supplied with battery charger. Size: W85mm, L170mm, D35mm

New Rechargeable Infra-red Printer – (BMP5003)
No need for a cable you can print test results direct to this printer.

Available as a complete set and supplied in a carry case which includes:- Portable BrakeCheck, Infra-red Printer, Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger. (EBM5004)

All items can be purchased individually.

Motorcycle Brackets are also available

N.B. Series 2 is the current brake meter as shown in the above picture, Series 1 is the old rectangular shape.

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