Bowmonk & Tapley Brake Testers

Bowmonk BrakeCheck and Tapley EBM Decelerometers Portable Brake Test Meters.

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The Bowmonk BrakeCheck Decelerometer Portable Brake Test Meter is a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery powered that is suitable for use on most vehicles.

The Bowmonk Brake Check is DVSA approved for all classes of MOT Testing including for periodic maintenance brake tests as required for HGV and PSV vehicle operators.

The device is versatile, lightweight at only 400g, and is used worldwide by both public and private sector for measuring not only peak and average Deceleration Front/Rear but also measures peak acceleration and gives an indication if the vehicle pulls left or right and by what value.

The BrakeCheck Decelerometer not only calculates Brake Efficiency, Imbalance and Stopping Distance but also Test Speed.
The Bowmonk Brakecheck is suitable for testing The Service Brake (Foot Brake) and Hand Brake of all vehicle classes. It is a modern electronic version of the well-known mechanical Tapley Meter and has been designed to be easy to use, having just 3 buttons to control all functions.

Test results can either be viewed on the bright LED display, (that can even be read in sunlight), printed off using the wireless printer (sold separately), or even downloaded onto a PC or other compatible device through the CabCheckS (Computer Aided BrakeCheck Software).

The test result printout can be configured to include your company name and will also show the device’s next calibration due date.

A GPS receiver option is also available which will include latitude and longitude of the brake test finish point on the test results. All test results are displayed in ‘g’ units and have a margin of error of +/- 0.01g, upon special request results can be displayed in m/s².
This unit is self-compensating, giving a clear on-screen indication as to when the Bowmonk BrakeCheck portable brake test meter is level enough to conduct a brake test.

The LED display indicates the state of the unit, the test to be performed and the results, as well as a temperature reading in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The LED screen also displays battery charge status, a “Calibration Required” indicator and can run internal self-diagnostics.
DVSA approved for MOT testing of all vehicle classes as well as for performing the periodic (4 to 12 weekly) voluntary brake tests on HGVs and PSVs.
As of 8th October 2019 the BOW801 BrakeCheck Decelerometer also received DVSA approval as an MTS Connectable Device EINCBD01863A101910–
Also available for MOT Testing is the new Tapley Electronic Brake Test Meter (EBM) TED5020C approved as an MTS Connectable Device EINCBD01863A10191109– for all classes. This is a simpler decelerometer than the Bowmonk BrakeCheck in that it is powered by 2 x AA batteries (included)
Portable, lightweight and easy to use. A must have for most 4×4 vehicles that cannot be tested on a Roller Brake Tester. Bright LED display clearly shows Service and Hand Brake efficiency.

Results easily downloaded to PC and sent directly to the DVSA’s MTS Connected Network. Also approved for Motorcycles & Quads (Class I & II) when used with the DVSA approved Handlebar Bracket & Clamp.

When used in conjunction with the Bowmonk Handlebar Bracket & Clamp the BrakeCheck or Tapley EBM can be used for testing motorcycles, trikes and quads/ATVs.
Other versions of the Bowmonk BrakeCheck decelerometer are available for specialist applications such as; Truck and Trailer, Forklift, Quarry & Plant vehicles.

There is also a BrakeCheck unit with a Secondary Test facility for assessing Service Brake, Hand Brake and Secondary Brake performance (The Secondary Brake Test is a requirement for HGVs and PSVs periodic brake testing and is DVSA approved for this use).

One further model completes the Bowmonk Portable Brake Test Meter range, this is the BrakeCheck GEO, which gives a latitude and longitude reading for the brake test finishing point.
The device can operate for around 5 hours, or approximately 120 tests, on a full charge and can be used after just 5 minutes of charging. The Bowmonk BrakeCheck will automatically shut down after period of inactivity to preserve battery life.
Can also be used to measure vehicles acceleration.
Training courses designed to make sure users get the most out of BrakeCheck products can be provided by the manufacturer and usually take place on-site at company premises.
All units require calibration by manufacturer every 2 years, users will be prompted by a flashing LED 14 days before calibration is due, the LED remains permanently lit from then on until it is calibrated.

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